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Rapman first feature film project was indeed a challenge from every single angle. We were in charge to deliver the equipment for the 2nd unit team, and to crew with operators and assistants for it. We were also in charge of filming the pick up days.

The Story

Rapman and BBC Films developed and co-financed the film, and in late 2018 Paramount Pictures bought worldwide distribution rights for the film. Damian Jones (of DJ Films) and Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor produced the film with Rose Garnett and Eva Yates of BBC Films: Charles Moore and Paul Grindey of Viewfinder, and Rapman were executive producers.

Principal photography took place on 28 February 2019. Rapman's previous work includes the YouTube trilogy Shiro's Story.

The film had a budget of £1.3 million and was primarily shot in the London Borough of Enfield after Lewisham and other London boroughs refused to allow shooting, due to instructions from the office of the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, although the director says no one at the mayor's office had actually read the script.