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The Challenge

To deliver five episodes in one month, that's what we call a real challenge! We responded for main unit as camera team and provided our gear for the 2nd unit days.

Speedy Kazzz

Entrepreneurs Kazim and Jeremiah are rolling out their new home delivery service. Jerry's got the brains, Kaz is the big dreamer - together they're pushing to escape the hustle.

Kazim and Jeremiah are two young entrepreneurs in the early stages of rolling out their home delivery service, Speedi-Kazz. Both are blessed with different skill-sets: Kaz has the energy and confidence, and Jerry has the brains - but on occasion these differences can leave them at loggerheads.

Series 2 sees the duo reunited after confronting racist gentrifiers, a terrifying 12 year-old and a magic fox. Kazim and Jeremiah are in the red... it's time to start hustling.

Their delivery service Speedi-Kazz may be growing in popularity, but times are still tough - Kazim's been kicked out of his mum's house and Jeremiah's savings are vanishing by the minute. Instead they'll use their street smarts to get ahead, making deals with everyone, including dangerous market stall holders, unpredictable music producers and over-friendly CEOs.

Plus, there's a new addition to the team - wily teenager Simi, who splits her time between doing drop-offs and revising for her GCSEs. Keep it Speedi!

Director: Ella Jones
Writter: Kayode Ewumi
Cinematographer: Susanne Salavati
Focus Puller: Nacho Guzman
Loader: Barbara van Schaik
Trainees: The Niedojadlo Twins
Grip: Allan Hughes
Grip Trainee: Dualta Donnelly
Production Company: Fudge Park