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Fantastic still from this challenging project, where you were only allow to use one light source.

DoP: Nacho Guzman

Produced by: Haze Films Ltd

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main roles

project timeline

The Brief

Arri Challange "One source of light"

The challenge

How many lights does it take to create a great, pro quality image?

The solution

Committing to shooting with one light only for any extended period of time can be quite challenging if you’re not use to it.

When hard light was needed to execute a particular look, I chose a M18 light source and a trace frame with a bit of diffusion gel. In each shoot, I would experiment placing these modifiers in different places in relation to my subject. If you hang your modifiers centered above your subject, the look will be totally different than if you place it at a 45 degree angle to the left or right. Set up some test shoots and try placing them in different areas and distances from your subject until you settle upon a style that you like, then try to replicate it often in your future photo shoots to increase your consistency and quality.